Did you know that Citrix has a private, online Customer Advisory Community where global Citrix customers serve as virtual advisors, providing their perspectives and feedback to Citrix each week?  The Customer Advisory Community is comprised of 400 Citrix customers who span more than 30 countries and represent a broad cross-section of industries and organizations.

The Customer Advisory Community has a limited number of openings right now for Citrix customers who have either implemented, piloted, or plan to deploy Citrix XenDesktop.

Unlike technical support forums, the Customer Advisory Community offers members the opportunity to provide feedback to Citrix on a wide range of topics, including hot industry trends such as desktop virtualization; input into XenDesktop and other Citrix product roadmaps; feedback on Citrix marketing, education, licensing and technical support offerings; and insight into business topics, such as the impact of the economy on IT.

As a member of the Citrix Customer Advisory Community, you would also have the ability to: 

  • Provide insight into your organization’s needs and challenges
  • Share your thoughts on a variety of technology industry topics
  • Learn early on about new Citrix initiatives and influence their direction
  • Interact and network with your peers in a private, online forum
  • Receive periodic rewards in exchange for your participation (if your organization’s policies allow)

Those chosen to participate in the Citrix Customer Advisory Community will be asked to complete a click-through Non-Disclosure Agreement, create an account, and then log in and contribute your thoughts (via surveys, bulletin boards, etc.) an average of 10-15 minutes per week. Citrix partners with Communispace Corporation, a professional community management firm, to host and moderate the online advisory community.

To be considered for membership, please click here to complete a brief, 10-minute questionnaire by February 17, 2010. Your responses will be kept confidential, and will be used only to determine your membership in the community. You’ll then be notified within the next few weeks about the status of your membership.

We hope to see you in the community!