Since I wrote my blog post about delivering VoIP apps with XenDesktop 4 and HDX RealTime, numerous readers have kindly posted comments or emailed me about the great results they’re getting with our new optimized-for-speech audio codec. And don’t forget, XenDesktop 4 introduced isochronous USB support, too. One customer wrote to share their experience using a federated Microsoft Office Communications Server (OCS) infrastructure with Wyse HDX Ready thin clients, HP server hardware, Polycom USB handsets and Microsoft webcams. Without naming this major telecommunications company or disclosing any confidential information, here are some of the juicy details I can share about their experience delivering Microsoft Office Communicator from XenDesktop 4.

The configuration:

Their experience:

“IM, voice chat and video conferencing, desktop sharing and even voice-chat-over-federation are all functioning perfectly well without any issues and with a very good quality (as good as on a normal PC). We were very excited about it… We were pretty astonished about the stability and quality even over federation!”

Derek Thorslund
Citrix Product Strategist, HDX