We found this exciting product from StudioGPU called MachStudio Pro. It takes 3D geometry and animation from most leading 3D programs and gives a full real-time workflow for doing lighting, materials, camera and rendering. They do all of this on the desktop using the GPU with no render farm needed and can output final frames or layers for composite. What if we could put the application and its output in the cloud to allow the user to have access to the tools to compete with major studios without the prohibitively high costs?

A niche market you say?  How about using the same cloud based graphics engine for Computer Aided Design (CAD) programs or Architectural, Engineering and Construction (AEC) design.  There are thousands of small and medium businesses who use these types of programs but many of them can’t afford the hundred grand for a high end graphics machine and the software to run it.  Check out this video to learn more about the product.  And if you are a CSP or Micrsoft SPLA partner, maybe you’ll want to pick it up and run with it!

We found another high end graphics software for the healthcare industry called “CapSure“.  Imagine having a video conferencing and collaboration product in the back of an ambulance.  The Doc back in the ER doing triage on a patient before he/she even arrives at the hospital?  Sound futuristic?  Not so much.  GlobalMedia, based in Scottsdale, AZ is an ISV who has been working on this technology for the past nine years.  And now they’ve perfected it to be used in production at hospitals around the world.

Take this idea one step further and you can imagine consults from a Doc at Mayo clinic to a hospital in Haiti where a catastrophic earthquake has just taken place.  Doctors can see what is going on, take realtime images, measure, consult and even diagnose.  Think that is futuristic?  Well I spent an hour talking Joel Barthelemy, the CEO of GlobalMedia and he told me they just shipped the hardware and software to Haiti to make it a reality.

All of this done over the Internet through Citrix Service Providers?  Well why not?  Citrix provides the only technology in the market to enable these types of applications to run just like they would on the local desktop… to any subscriber, anywhere on any device.  Check it out! 

In the words of Brad Paisley, “Welcome to the Future”.