Well, OK, that’s a bit fanciful but we can certainly help.

Citrix Worldwide Consulting Solutions is focused on gathering and compiling information from the field so that we can share the information with you, the hardworking men and women tasked with bridging the gap between the CIO’s vision and IT’s reality. Where the “desktops hit the ether” as it were.

Working closely with our team of worldwide consultants we have put together a Modularized Reference Architecture for XenDesktop that can be used as a blueprint for architecting successful XenDesktop implementations. This is the real thing. All of the design considerations and methodologies in this document have been proven in the field and verified in the Citrix Solutions Center lab.

The concept of a modularized approach is built on the notion that each customer is unique but that many share a core set of requirements and objectives. A modularized approach solves for these core requirements by creating a platform that is highly resilient, flexible and scalable. With the platform in place we use a set of discrete modules to customize the platform to suit each customer’s individual needs and objectives. Sounds simple enough, right? Check it out and let us know what you think.

The document A Modular Approach to XenDesktop Architecture is available for download here.
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Al Grandville