As earlier posts of this series have suggested, simple tweaking of your applications without modifying code can go a long way of making your existing applications more mobile friendly. In fact, my colleagues and I are working hard to make our product smarter so that majority of applications can be mobilized without any code modification.

However if you can modify code or have influence on how an application is built, you can do a lot more. DocFinder is a good example.

This article shows you how to make ListBox, a common windows control, look good on a mobile device such as iPhone.

The default look of ListBox

The mobile friendly look of ListBox which is more finger friendly

If you are a developer, please continue reading. Otherwise, please refer this blog to your developer or ISVs( Independent software vendors).

Attached is the complete example code.

Here are some notes to help you understand the example:
  • Drawmode property of Listbox control is set to ownerdrawfixed. And mainList_DrawItem method manually draws each item
  • Height property of Listbox control is set to 48 to give more spacing between items. I found 48 works well. This property can only be changed when Drawmode is set to ownerdrawfixed or ownerdrawvariable.
  • Font property of Listbox control is set to Ariel bold size 16.

Check “Hide Application Title bar” property when publishing applications on XenApp. This way the windows title bar won’t show up on mobile devices. You can still use the same application with windows title bar when accessing it from a non-mobile device.

Question and Feedback

It would be nice to have some re-usable mobile friendly components such as a mobile friendly component for showing a list of items. What do you think? What components may be useful to you? Which ISVs shall I work with? Your feedback will ensure I spent time on things that are most beneficial to you.

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