Citrix customers have often asked for help with building a business case for Citrix within their organizations. Did you know that the Customer Success Center, a new section of the Citrix website, has the tools to help them do it?

The Customer Success Center features tools, tips, and other information to help your customers advocate for a Citrix solution within their organizations. A highlight of the Center is the Guide to Expanding your Citrix Success an, in-depth guide that includes ‘talking points’ about Citrix benefits that customers can share with their management, IT colleagues and users; calculators to help demonstrate the ROI of a Citrix solution; and responses to common objections to expanding a Citrix implementation. Links to reports from industry analysts and market research firms about Citrix are featured, as are business-oriented thought leadership articles and high-level overviews of the Citrix product lines, among other info.

The Customer Success Center and the guide will be updated regularly; to be alerted when new resources are available, simply subscribe via RSS to the CustomerSuccess blog

  We hope you’ll spread the word to your customers about the Customer Success Center, and we look forward to helping you both expand your success with Citrix!