I love checking my work email on my iPhone/iPod Touch using the native email client.

However at times, I wish it could also do the following:

  • Flag an email for follow up later. As a result, sometimes, I forget to follow up.
  • Search for emails older than 1 month. Once I needed to find an old email to forward to my manager while having no access to a computer.
  • Add a comment when declining a meeting invite. It’s generally a polite thing to do.

Luckily I can also run the “real outlook” (desktop version of Microsoft Outlook) on my iPhone. And I can do all of the above when I need to. Please see this blog post for more reasons to use “real outlook” on iPhone.

What are your top wishes for your iPhone email client?

For more information about how to run corporate applications on your iPhone please visit our community page

Ray (Ruiguo) Yang
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