Connect to NetScaler VPX with Workflow Studio

By now you have heard of Citrix Delivery Center and it’s various components. Automating resources in the cloud is easy. One way is through the use of Citrix Workflow Studio to automatically provision the Citrix NetScaler.

Workflow Studio is easy to use, but you might need some help getting over the hump, so I am going to walk you through getting the two working together.

First I installed XenServer 5.5 on a Dell 2950 I had running in the lab, it was leftover from other projects, so I didn’t have to buy any new hardware. Then I installed Citrix Workflow Studio and the NetScaler VPX onto the XenServer. Both have free evaluation copies available on the Citrix Website. I now have a complete setup using virtual machines.

I launched Workflow Studio, created a Category and a new Workflow, connected to the NetScaler and then disconnected from the NetScaler.

Follow these simple steps and you will be on your way to data center automation.

Steps to re-create this POC

  • Install XenServer – Its free
  • Install Windows 2008 server & Citrix Workflow Studio in XenServer – Free eval
  • Install NetScaler VPX in XenServer – Free eval
  • Follow the steps in the video:
    • Create Workflow Category
    • Create Workflow
    • Connect to NetScaler
    • Disconnect from NetScaler

Its easy, try it

Download WFS here

Download NetScaler VPX here

If your not running XenServer yet, you should be, its free

Its easy, watch and learn

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