There has been a plethora of marketing done to date from vendors touting their brand of solution for Cloud Computing. But what of the end user? You know, the guy who actually pays the bill? Somehow he’s been lost in the discussion. Any good CIO knows that designing a system that has no basis in end user reality is doomed for failure. And yet, there are millions of dollars being spent to retrofit data centers for solutions to virtualize everything without taking the subscriber into account. It’s time to get back to the basics in designing a system that meets the needs of the masses.

When addressing potential customers about their needs for a Cloud Computing option make sure you address all of the following parameters:

1. LAN/WAN Access
2. Remote (Open Internet) Access
3. Mobile Dependencies – WiFi, 3G, 4G
4. Device Type – PC, MAC,Thin Client, Smart Phone, Corporate owned, User Owned
5. O/S Type – Windows, OS X, Linux, Symbian, iPhone
6. Application(s) Type – Text, Graphics, Multi-media
7. Security – VLAN, Encryption, Storage
8. Peripheral Support – USB, Port Level, plug-n-play
9. Collaboration – Voice, Video, Meeting
10. Personalization – Settings (Apps, Browser)
11. Provisioning – Self, Authentication

Citrix is the only company on the planet that has developed solutions for all of these parameters. A holistic approach gives the end customer less reason to do it themselves. And there is no way huge Cloud Providers can handle all of these needs. This is THE value proposition for selling a solution that includes Citrix Technology. To get more in depth information on this topic check out and .