‘It depends’.That’s the answer to the question “How many desktops will I get on a Server?”, “Which FlexCast model should I use?” and the ever popular “Are you going to finish that?” OK, that last one’s a joke but the first two aren’t. As part of Citrix’s consulting team I get to travel the world and talk to all manner of customers who want answers to these questions. Of course, it would be nice if the answers were straightforward ones like “75”, “VM Hosted Desktops” and “No”, but you can have the rest if you like” but they aren’t. Creating solutions that are tailored to each customer’s environment and that take into account business objectives, constraints and expectations takes careful analysis and thoughtful consideration. Not everyone runs the same set of applications nor do they all have the same budget considerations, infrastructure challenges or tolerance for system downtime. XenDesktop is a feature rich, sophisticated, enterprise platform that is capable of solving a wide array of business challenges. It’s not a vending machine that dispenses desktops. I mean, don’t get me wrong, we could roll one physical server into a datacenter and start delivering desktops in just a few hours. In fact, we do it all of the time when we set up Proof of Concepts(POC’s). It’s just never a good idea to promote your POC to Production and there are very good reasons for that. While many IT projects impact the users there are few with the potential of being as impactful as a move to virtualized desktops. The most successful XenDesktop projects are the ones where a detailed design and plan are in place before the implementation phase of the project begins. My team “Citrix Worldwide Consulting Solutions” is focused on gathering real world intelligence from the field and disseminating it in the form of White Papers, Tech Talks, Design Guides, Reference Architecture, etc …

If a XenDesktop implementation is in your future please take a look at:
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We are also putting the finishing touches on a new White Paper that details a Modularized Approach to XenDesktop Architecture which we will make available shortly.

Al Grandville