GoToMyPC just launched support for Mac! Now you can get remote access to a Mac from any internet connection. In addition, the latest release also includes improved access from a Mac. Finally, GoToMyPC reliability and performance that’s truly cross-platform:

The great thing about GoToMyPC is that it’s a fast, easy install and then you can work securely on your computer from any remote location as if you were sitting in front of it. It’s a great work-from-home solution or perfect for travel. You needn’t carry a laptop or files with you since you can log in anywhere and get to what you need on your computer whenever you need it.

Now Mac users can finally enjoy the same flexibility to work anywhere that PC users have long enjoyed. Our users (thousands of people are already using GoToMyPC on to access their Macs) tell us that there’s no other Mac access that works as well.

Additional Mac features will be added in 2010, but no need to wait. Getting the basics right so that you can seamlessly work on your computer remotely is available now, and anyone who signs up now will get updates automatically as they come.

GoToMyPC is available both for individual users who want to sign up online or for companies wanting to provide remote desktop access to their employees.