If you wish to install the snippets referenced in this article, you can download them here.
Download Citrix Workflow Acivity Snippets Installer


If your writing custom activities for use within Citrix Workflow Studio, you undoubtedly have created properties in your activity(s). In reality, you have probably create properties over and over and over again . this is probably the most common action when creating custom activities as they allow the user to change values without having to code anything.

For me, I don’t like re-typing and when developing activities, you re-type property code block alot. That’s where code snippets for Visual Studio 2008 come in.

I have created a few Citrix Workflow Activity specific snippets for use in Visual Studio 2008. The will help you create the standard properties when developing an activity. The following lists the snippets and their description.

Snippet Name Snippet Description
propctxwfdi Snippet for entering a input dependency property for a Citrix Workflow Activity.
propctxwfdo Snippet for entering a output dependency property for a Citrix Workflow Activity.
propctxwfi Citrix Workflow Standard Input Property.
propctxwfo Citrix Workflow Standard Output Property.

After you install the snippets via the attachment to this blog, you will see the following in visual studio. Standard snippet dropdown.

i have attached a VSI installer so you can just download it and execute it and you will get the snippets installed on you device. Upon running the install you will see the following screen.

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