Hi Everyone,

Let me start this post by wishing all a great holiday season.

As you probably know, we have recently released the version 2.0 of the Citrix Receiver for iPhone. This is a very exciting release given the number of new features we’ve introduced.

Amongst all the new features in version 2.0, there’s one in particular I would like to highlight today, which is the ability to enable/disable saving passwords on the device. This feature was one of the top community requests, and it contributes to enterprise adoption of iPhones. With that being said, let’s explore how admins can easily take advantage of this feature.

The first thing to note is that, the ability to prevent users from saving passwords has been around since the good old days of PNAgent Client, also inherited by its later iteration named Citrix Online Plugin.

All Mobile Receivers rely on the XenApp Services Site (formerly known as PNAgent Site), and the saving password option can be found in the settings of your XenApp Services server. Here’s how to find it:

Highlight your XenApp Services Site, then…

1) Click Authentication Methods
2) Highlight Prompt (default)
3) Click Properties
4) Select Password Settings
5) Check or Uncheck Allow users to save password

and voilà, it’s that simple!

Here’s a visual aide:

Hope you find this useful, and please keep sending us your feedback.

If you run into any issues, don’t hesitate to check out our support forum.

Best wishes for 2010,