Well the U.S. in on the verge of some very politically charged healthcare reform. Never in our political history has such a huge bill been ratified by our senate with only one party leading the charge. This is unprecedented in America as we grapple with the challenges of a value based healthcare system. Still one of the best systems in the world, U.S. citizens elected a president with the promise of an overhaul of what exists in order to better align costs with expectations. This issue has created press and interest from U.S. citizens as well as people from around the world. Healthcare has become a center stage concern along with other socially-politically charged issues such as global warming and going green.

As we in the technology field look at these types of issues, we do our best to produce ways in which to change the status quo for something better. Twenty four hundred years ago, Plato said necessity is the mother of invention. And with issues such as low cost universal healthcare, necessity rules the day. So we attempt to invent technology to provide a higher value for those inside the healthcare system as well as those served by it.

If ever there was a time to rethink information technology for the Healthcare industry, now in the time. There are ways in which to improve the healthcare system and its operation by using technology produced by companies like Citrix. But how? Well let’s start with the basic premise that using single instance management can cut costs by as much as 50%. That’s right… 50%. When compared to Electronic Software Distribution, single instance management using Citrix XenApp or XenDesktop produces a much lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and a much higher Return on Investment (ROI).

Independent software vendors (ISVs) in the Healthcare market have been using Citrix technology to deliver the single instance management solution for years now. And to make it easier on their healthcare customers, they have also adopted a hosting model that allows any healthcare organization instant access to the features of their software… and they are using Citrix technology to make it happen.

Now, as Citrix embraces the hosting model through the Citrix Service Provider program, any service provider can now provide any application on-demand to the healthcare industry. It’s not magic, it’s just technology, created from the necessity of customers fed up with a system overloaded by old methods of information technology. And service providers are beginning to offer these new services to healthcare companies who want to decrease cost and increase customer satisfaction. One such service provider, ClubDrive in Atlanta, provided a case study that may very well put the healthcare industry in a new vector toward increased value.

By providing a single instance application management approach healthcare companies can access their applications from the office, at home, at remote clinics and even from their mobile phones. Healthcare customers get better service and the physicians have better access to information from any location, from any device. This increases the physician’s productivity and at the same time lowers the cost of doing business by shifting expensive on-site IT to a hosting model. And… because of single instance application management, business continuity is also handled by the service provider, giving the physicians peace of mind and a reliable model for data backup.

So if you’re a healthcare provider looking for a way to decrease costs and increase customer satisfaction, you should look for a Citrix Service Provider in your area to assist you in making the switch from an old way of doing business, to a new more value based approach.