If you’re thinking that adopting XenDesktop 4 may be a daunting task, think again! What if I told you that your current XenApp deployment just needs a few additional components in order to support XenDesktop 4?

Yes, it’s true. Recycling . . . . errr, reusing components simplifies the XenDesktop implementation. Think about what you already have within your current environment that can be reused:

• XenApp: Access hosted apps or stream them to XenDesktop virtual desktops
• Citrix License Server: Add XenDesktop licenses to existing license server
• Provisioning services : Add XenDesktop virtual desktop images to existing Provisioning Server
• Service monitoring (EdgeSight): Add EdgeSight Virtual Desktop Agent database server that feeds
into existing EdgeSight database
• Database server: Add XenDesktop Data Store to existing database server
• Web Interface: Add XenDesktop farm to server farms presented within existing WI site
• Profile management: If configured on parent OU, applicable to virtual desktops too
• WAN Optimization (Branch Repeater): ICA Acceleration automatically enabled for XenDesktop
• Single sign-on (Password Manager): No changes server side; just install agent on virtual desktop
• EasyCall voice services: No changes server side; just install plug-in on virtual desktop
• Citrix Receiver: No changes server side; just install plug-in on virtual desktop

Notice how many times I used the words “existing” or “no changes.” In some cases, specific versions of these components are required, and if your environment is based on up-to-date components, the majority of your XenDesktop deployment boils down to adding the Desktop Delivery Controller and virtual desktop images.

For help, take a look at the TechTalk entitled Adding XenDesktop 4 to an Existing XenApp Environment. Or the related white paper.

So, Happy Holidays . . . and Happy XenDesktop!