On December 7th, we hosted a TechTalk titled Configuring access from Blackberry and other SmartPhones. In it, we covered the features of the Receivers for iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile and, soon, Blackberry. We also discussed how each of these clients will connect to your environment and best practices for delivering apps to them. One of the questions we received was when the Receiver for Blackberry was going to be available. While we can’t reveal that at this time, I can tell you that our first release is slated to be a technology preview. I’ve also put up a pre-registration page that folks can register at to be notified when it does become available. We haven’t decided whether it will be a closed beta yet or whether we will open it up to the public so I would suggest that you go ahead and pre-register to secure your spot if we do decide to keep it limited.

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More about Citrix Receiver for Mobile Devices

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