The XenApp tech preview made available yesterday includes a technical preview of Citrix Profile Manager enhanced to provide just in time population of the User Profile space.  I alluded to this before, but now it’s “real”, or almost real…

Please download and play and send feedback through the forums set up for the Beta, these are the places where the developers will see the comments.  The XenApp tech preview requires a separate sign up compared to normal mycitrix credentials.

Many questions remain for me

Is Profile Manager more important for XenApp or XenDesktop?  To which is just in time more of a benefit?  XenApp folks have long gotten used to blowing profiles away as a function of logoff or otherwise populating a small portion of space to support a specific application.  XenDesktop clearly has a big need for user profile’s well done, and fast profiles; well both have a big need for fast profiles.

What I’m getting to is “much work” went into building the just in time capabilities; now it’s in technical preview and getting ready for prime time.  How much benefit will be seen?  How much will XenApp benefit compared to XenDesktop?

All fascinating questions – I need real world statistics and appreciate your feedback.   My previous post on just in time brings some clarity to the difficulty of just in time calculations.  Real world is much better.

Joe Nord

Citrix Systems

Product Architect User Profile Manager and Application Streaming