For all those early adopter Android users or others pondering the new wave of Android devices to choose from, you can take note that the Citrix Receiver Tech Preview is now available in the Android Market. As good as the iPhone is, plus the other Blackberry, WinMo or Symbian Smartphones are getting, it’s becoming more obvious that Android devices will take a significant share of the SmartPhone market going forward. Given the projected success of Android and the great reception of the Receiver for iPhone Receiver, we have now developed the Receiver for Android.
The Tech Preview 0.9 edition is now available in the Android Marketplace ( reachable only with an Android ). This release includes many new features you can expect in the upcoming iPhone 2.0 release including Dazzle capability to select favorite apps and many more. Well done Citrix Labs !
The current limitation with the Tech Preview is (no)support of Citrix Access Gateway, so you will need to test this on a Wireless LAN to get started. We also have support in for Android devices to demonstrate the capability right away.

There is a great community site available with tips and tricks at

Andriod users check it out, and let us know what you think.