Like many of you that have been working with WinFrame and MetaFrame since the days before it was cool, I’m a 10-year Citrix veteran with a personal affinity for application virtualization technology. And then here comes XenDesktop 4 … wow, something even cooler!?!

It seems that XenDesktop implementations largely fall into one of two categories:

  • Totally new Citrix customers
  • Long-term XenApp customers that are piloting desktop virtualization

Totally new Citrix customers don’t have any existing XenApp infrastructure to integrate, so it’s essentially like starting with a clean slate. But how should XenDesktop be implemented when XenApp and related infrastructure already exist? Which components need to be upgraded or what technical considerations exist? It depends.

To help you understand how to best integrate your existing XenApp environment with XenDesktop, you’ll want to attend the Adding XenDesktop to an Existing XenApp Environment TechTalk webinar to be held on December 10th.

In this session, we’ll walk through the technical aspects of implementing XenDesktop where XenApp already exists, including:

  • Which components can be reused and the associated criteria
  • Installation process
  • Sample scenarios and technical considerations

The good news is that an up-to-date XenApp environment means that you’re about halfway to XenDesktop. To understand more, you’ll want to attend the TechTalk session on Thursday.