Citrix has always focused on supporting a wide range of devices and as part of my research for this blog I checked what we were saying way back in the year 2000. This is where I found the following article by Martin Duursma on the ZDNet Australia site. As you can see in Martin’s first response he was talking about supporting devices such as PDAs and telephones. Now move forward close to a decade to Harry Labana’s recent blog and as you can see we have continued our core belief and expanded our reach to the newer more powerful Smartphones, such as the iPhone and Android device. There are others that you can see on our Citrix Receiver for Mobile Devices site, but I’ve listed these two as the Citrix Labs team here in Sydney has been heavily involved in both.

Personally I have always seen the need to support these platforms but I was unsure how many people would use them on a day to day basis. But since the release of the Receiver for iPhone I have found that the question has changed from “will people use a mobile Receiver?”, to “on what platform with they use them?”. A simple rhetorical question, is there anyone reading this blog that doesn’t have a smartphone, I doubt it. With the wide adoption of 3G networks and WiFi connectivity becoming pervasive why carry an extra device (read laptop) when you already have your mobile device with you. In many instances this is what I am seeing, yes using a full size keyboard and screen is more attractive for continuous use, but for the time when you are out and about and need to do small transactions then you cannot beat the speed and usability of these mobile Receivers.

We recently launched the Tech Preview of the Receiver for Android and in a similar approach to that of the Receiver for iPhone launch we are now adding the support for our Access Gateways. In the mean time I recommend using the Citrix Cloud demonstration site which has a variety of applications to show off the power and capabilities of these mobile Receivers. Also to make it really simple on the opening screen of the Receiver for Android we have an option to sign up for a demo account. What could be simpler!

Enjoy, and watch this space for more updates,