Presenting Windows 7 through XenDesktop, you may notice that there may be something off with the graphics (specifically, I’ve only witnessed it on the background graphic Windows 7 uses by default.)

A quick way [THIS IS NOT RECOMMENDED] to correct it is to create a policy that turns off Compression on the Desktop Delivery Contorller, then apply that policy to whatever group you have hosting windows 7 desktops.

[… From Derek Thorslund: Turning off compression completely is generally not the best solution since it will result in much more data going over the wire and can slow down the responsiveness of user interaction. In general, I would recommend that organizations delivering Windows 7 desktops with XenDesktop 4 select low compression. This provides a high quality image while maintaining a snappy user experience and efficient use of bandwidth]

1 Picture = 1,000 words:



With this setting you’re picking a balance between snappy performance for your users and a much lower bandwidth consumption.