Citrix Labs focuses on long term Citrix innovation with applied research ahead of the current product releases (at least 18 month+). We have offices around the globe, including Sydney: Australia, Cambridge: UK, and Redmond: USA.

Can you tell I work from the Australian office?

This keeps us largely outside immediate product needs and able to focus on longer term objectives.

For me, a large part of that mission is technology strategy, That is, the intersection of evolving technology, adoption dynamics and (for us) the Citrix business universe.

In a very real way, it’s about forecasting the future of enterprise IT, and helping Citrix to steer in that direction. This helps Citrix and Citrix customers navigate emerging and new “waves” of technology.

As Martin Duursma mentioned, we are exposing more of our thinking. So far this is in our blogs, we’re also looking forward to hearing from you, and …