Effective immediately, we are adding a campus-wide option to Citrix’s Education Program. With the new campus-wide option, customers in education industry worldwide, including K-12 and higher education, have access to XenDesktop 4 starting at only $9 per year per Full Time Equivalent (FTE) student or staff/faculty. This price includes annual SA (Subscription Advantage – Citrix’s software assurance program) that offers customers free software updates along with several other benefits.

Complete information on Citrix’s Education program including eligibility and benefits is posted here, including the new campus-wide option.

Desktop Virtualization – The right solution for desktops in Education

Desktop virtualization is an excellent fit for both K-12 and higher education. I have had countless conversations with customers in the education industry who are facing challenges in managing different use case scenarios with desktops with very limited IT resources. Expectations from users (students and faculty) continue to climb – they need be able to access their desktop or applications from any location, any device, anytime. IT staff, on the other hand, is small and not growing at the same pace as the expectations. Desktop virtualization with on-demand desktop and application delivery becomes a perfect fit for these environments.

XenDesktop 4 with FlexCast delivery addresses all the use case scenarios

If you are in education and are looking at desktop virtualization solutions, you are faced with different use case scenarios to support – example labs, classroom workstations with roaming faculty, students bringing their own computers or science students accessing graphics intensive CAD applications. No single virtual desktop delivery technology can necessarily address all these use case scenarios. XenDesktop 4 with FlexCast delivery, is exactly what you need – one centrally managed solution that can deliver different types of virtual desktops to address your needs. You can have one solution to manage your OS, apps and user settings, and deliver different types of desktops to address different use case scenarios – leveraging local streamed desktops for labs, hosted virtual desktops for remote or roaming access and potentially just delivering apps on demand to different devices such as Macs, iPhone, etc. along with self service. Not to forget that the local virtual desktops (coming soon) will also enable the BYOC scenarios extremely well.

You now have two options for XenDesktop 4 – Campus-wide or A-la-carte

Education customers now have two ways to adopt XenDesktop 4:

Campus-wide – At the following price points, customers have access to all the capabilities of XenDesktop 4 in any way they like for campus wide use (adopted for all Full Time Equivalent or FTE). This would mean that they no longer have to worry about user/device/CCU licensing of the product and they can use it without any device/user restrictions.

  • XenDesktop 4 Platinum edition – $29/FTE/year
  • XenDesktop 4 Enterprise edition – $19/FTE/year
  • XenDesktop 4 VDI edition – $ 9/FTE/year

These prices include Citrix Subscription Advantage that offers free software updates and other beneifts.

A-la-Carte – Best for customers starting to use XenDesktop for early evaluation or using XenDesktop for selective use cases. Education customers will continue to get the best discounted prices on all XenDesktop product editions asoffered with the Citrix Education program. This applies to all licenses of XenDesktop – device or user (all Editions) and CCU (VDI Edition).

A-la-Carte offeres customers discounted prices on two types of XenDesktop licenses:

  1. Annual license – Customers purchase the product for annual use and it includes software assurance and software updates
  2. Perpetual license – Customers purchase the product for perpetual use and has an option to keep subscription advantage or software assurance
Citrix Education Program offers a solution for all stages of adoption of XenDesktop 4

If you are in education and you are considering desktop virtualization, here are three possible stages that you may be in. This is how Citrix XenDesktop and the Education program can help you:

Scenario #1 – Convinced about adopting desktop virtualization (including multiple types of virtual desktops with FlexCast) – The Campus-wide option gives you the ability to adopt an unlimited use of XenDesktop at the lowest price.

Scenario #2 – Using desktop and application delivery for a targeted use case only (example – lab workstations) – The A-la-carte perpetual licenses gives customers the ability to adopt the right edition and license of XenDesktop. Example – in the case of lab workstations, customers can purchase device based license of XenDesktop.

Scenario #3 – Evaluating desktop virtualization for a small-set of users, and potentially thinking about campus wide overtime – The A-la-carte annual licenses of XenDesktop enable customers to purchase the product for evaluation purposes upfront for the users they need to evaluate it for; and then later expand to campus-wide option.

Your scenario may fall into one of these three or may be slightly different. However, the Citrix Education program with both A-la-carte and Campus-wide option will offer you the flexibility to adopt XenDesktop in any capacity you like.

With over 75M students in the US alone, and heavy interest in desktop virtualization; I expect the education customers to be the ones to adopt desktop virtualization across all their users. Education will be one of the industries that will innovate and break the shackles of traditional desktop management, giving the users (students and faculty) the IT services that they expect and need.

I encourage you to start looking at your scenario and picking the best solution to fit your needs.