In the first part of this three part series we showed some of the performance characteristics of Citrix XenClient. In this segment we show how you can use XenClient to easily run multiple virtual desktops on the same machine at the same time. In the video below Peter Blum shows a scenario where a user might run two local virtual desktops on their machine – one for business use and the other for personal use.

Watch the XenClient Overview(2:20 minutes)

Unlike server virtualization, where the name of the game is to squeeze as many workloads onto a single device as possible, desktop virtualization more about satisfying the demands of both IT and end-users for flexible, secure desktop computing. It just so happens, however, that running multiple isolated desktop environments on a single device is an excellent way to solve a number of today’s desktop delivery challenges.

Consider for a moment the following use cases:
• Mobile workers that travel regularly as part of their job and require offline access to their desktop
• Corporate laptop users that use their company owned laptops for business and personal use
• Temporary company contractors that uses their own laptop system during their contract period
• BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer) programs where employees use their personal laptops as their business desktop as well

In each case users expect to use their laptops for both business and personal usage, whether in the office or on the road. In most cases the user will want to install personal applications, load personal data (music, photos, videos, etc.) and connect to non-secured networks. This presents a challenge to IT organizations that shouldn’t be in the business of maintaining, fixing and securing personal workstations.

The solution is to create totally separate environments for each use case – one for business and one for personal. The IT folks can maintain a standardized, locked down business image with the right levels of access to corporate applications, networks and data. And users can have their own personal sandbox that runs completely independent of their business world. Everybody wins.

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