Many companies IT departments approach the cloud with some suspicion. A cloud needs to be approached differently than a traditional IT shop. Fundamental assumptions, such as security for instance, also change. I don’t want to go on about cloud security, but I do want to draw your attention to a worked out practical example of using XenApp on EC2 while your precious data remains on the corporate network behind the corporate firewall.

The Citrix Labs team developed a detailed “blueprint” to cover this. The blueprint contains detailed instructions on how you can set up a system and experience the cloud in relative safety. It has been published on the Citrix Developer Network under Citrix Cloud Center – C3 Solutions for the cloud.

Citrix XenApp, the Citrix Access Gateway client and the Citrix Repeater client are provided in a single Amazon Machine Image (AMI) running in Amazon EC2. Customers and prospects can benefit from the ability to configure and test applications in a cloud environment without having to migrate or replicate their sensitive corporate files in the cloud. Instead, the application accesses the corporate data on-demand via the Citrix Repeater and secured via Citrix Access Gateway. The WAN acceleration benefit of the Citrix Repeater can also be easily demonstrated with this configuration. Users authenticate once, using their enterprise credentials, and are then given access to applications on EC2 and data held in the enterprise.

The detailed instructions to help you set up your lab to do this can be found here