Hello, I have 4 demonstration videos I wish to present to you. There were five, but I simply couldn’t wait any longer to get these into your hands.

I had questions about how do you push the envelope and SHOW the uniqueness of a particular product? What are the painpoints that are masked behind Marketing wars of companies? What stands out, and can anyone compete with it, and how does it apply to the target audience?

Everytime I thought about the VDI vendors and capabilities, the more I felt like I was comparing MC Hammer and Will Smith. Yes, very odd, I agree.

Bear with me here.
See, Hammer only had one product, only one route to market. He was a rapper. That’s it. Where did that lead him?
Will Smith started out in the same way, but I knew him as Fresh Prince, then as a sitcom star, then again as a more mainstream music sensation, then finally as an “A” list move star. You see, he looked to expand his abilities and show everyone that he was a full blown entertainer, and not just another “Hammer”. he had amazing talent that could span across many mediums.

So what does this have to do with VDI?

Well, we have the “Hammer” approach, and the “Fresh Prince” approach. Citrix continually ups the ante by adding “fresh” new features and choices to their solution, expanding the capabilities and providing new and unique ways to unlock IT from droll and mundane tasks. While simultaneously, improving the lives of the user community.

When I visit customers and have a chance to express this vision, they really understand that their workload diminishes, while their services offerings elevate. A tipping of the scale.


Ok, enough of that. On to the videos….

Disclaimer: These videos are all ONE TAKE. Some portions within each video were “sped up” to save you time only. There is no splicing, only ONE OVERLAY in Demo #2. I’m not trying to hide anything here. This is the product without walls.

Demo #1:
A desktop that roams with you. Notice that I show FIVE seperate ways to get to the VDI desktop (not just 1 or 2), and all with passthru authentication. From a website, from a link on a desktop, from the local MSGINA, and from a secure tunnel through Access Gateway….then finally as a mobile app!

Demo #2:
How quick can you upgrade a user from XP to Win7? How about in 5 seconds using tools you already have? This really needs no explanation other than the user has just thanked you for not “commandeering” their desktop for days or even hours to upgrade them.

Demo #3:
Ok, let’s just get down to the “nuts and bolts” of HDX. Plug and play webcams, HD (720p) Flash content, and crystal clear audio quality from an .M4a song (purchased from iTunes)….and none of it hypervisor-rendered (no need to worry about that pesky hypervisor scaling question you have to worry about with that “other” solution).

Demo #4:
Ok, so you think you are still in the game? Up until now you’ve been telling (not showing) your potential customer you can maybe somehow magically do all those things in the previous 3 demos (definately not #1 though, maybe 2 of the 5 platforms).

Let’s really challenge you.

In the final demo, I’ve taken a single image, and shared it across Citrix’ provisioning services (OS streaming) and an SCVMM-managed Hyper-V host, so the single VHD is shared across both technologies. This means I can stream the image to the physical endpoint when safe and sound on the LAN (taking advantage of the local systems hardware), then travel to an unsecure location and connect back into that same image (running as a VM on a hypervisor) using a display protocol INSTEAD. Let me say that again for the FUD’ers: INSTEAD.

Then when plugged in and connected back on the approved LAN, have the OS stream to the endpoint just like before and preserve my user personality. This is a choice we can provide for desktop delivery…..and it’s included in XenDesktop, nowhere else. Also, this is not XenClient technology. I like to think of this as “UniCast” a subsidiary of “FlexCast”.

The end question to confront is: are you going to lock yourself into a “Hammer”, or free your potential and become a believer in CHOICE?

Housecleaning: Just in case you can’t run the CitrixTV videos, they are also available on YouTube here:

Demo #1

Demo #2

Demo #3

Demo #4