Here in Citrix Labs we hold a radar view of the big trends in our industry, but we also look at the small things that affect every day use. An example of this came across my desk earlier this week. Back in 2006 when we were working on the first versions of XenDesktop one of the issues we faced was with the use of USB keys as client drives. The problem was that if they were inserted after the initiation of a XenDesktop session they would not be seen as a client drive. While the appropriate architectural change was designed and prioritized into a future product release we decided to create a small work around tool and make it available on the Citrix download site.

CTX112588 – Dynamic USB Utility

Bascially this tool watches for the insertion of a USB drive on the client machine and simply creates a symbolic link in an existing drive to the USB drive. So the drive can then be accessed after the XenDesktop session is running. The interesting thing is that this week I saw that this tool had consistently been in our top ten downloads this year.

The good news is that a complete USB remoting feature is now part of the shipping XenDesktop product so it’s life is limited.

It just goes to show that small things matter…