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Submit for Call for Topics

Have you submitted your session proposals for Synergy Spring 2010 Call for Topics yet? Good news… the judging is underway and there are open session slots, so you still have a chance to submit! The second and final round of reviews starts Dec. 4, so submit your proposals as soon as you can before this date to make sure they’re included in the review.

We are particularly on the lookout for topics about successful mixed environment, multi-vendor solutions, as long as you have an independent, fresh viewpoint with data to back it up (i.e., no sales pitches or unsupported opinions needed)!

Click here for information on how to submit your session proposals. For more details about Call for Topics, Kim Woodward provides a great overview.

Submit for Geek Speak Live!

We’re now reviewing proposals and ideas for Geek Speak Live!, the ultimate unconference at Citrix Synergy. If you’re a true geek at heart and you are ready to lead or participate in a rapid-fire technology discussion or debate, then look no further! Geek Speak Live! is the “platform” for you.

Geek Speak Live! will be integrated into the Synergy 2010 agenda from May 11-14, and we’ll be keeping the discussion real with three distinct session formats: Geek Speak Tonight!, Geek Speak Track sessions, and the Geek Speakeasy. Within these three formats, it’s always good to have variety so, in addition to looking for thought-provoking topics, I’m also on the lookout for interesting ideas about how we might run some of these sessions.

Don’t delay! Send me your Geek Speak Live! session proposals via email at We have a limited number of session slots and first come, first reviewed. I’m looking forward to hearing your topics and session ideas so… bring ’em on!

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Laura Whalen
Citrix Systems, Inc.