Deliver any application to Citrix Receiver for iPhone, securely through the Access Gateway Enterprise Edition – AGEE.

Citrix Delivery Center is a dynamic virtualization system that transforms applications and desktops into on-demand services that enable users to securely and productively work and play from anywhere.

Citrix Delivery Center, composed of XenDesktop, XenApp, XenServer and NetScaler, virtualizes servers, desktops and applications, centralizes them in the datacenter and broadcasts them as an on-demand service.

When combined with the Citrix Receiver for iPhone, Citrix Delivery Center enables users to open documents, update reports, approve expenses, join a webinar, and make use of so many applications – from your iPhone. It is safe, simple and high definition using Citrix HDX technology.

This solution was built using the components of Citrix Delivery Center – namely XenServer to host the Windows 2008 Server running XenApp, which then published the applications, such as Microsoft Office. The applications were proxied through a NetScaler AGEE with SSL encryption for the ICA Protocol, to the end user on the iPhone running Citrix Receiver.

Download the Deployment Guide here.

Citrix Receiver is available on the Apple iPhone App Store.

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