We had some studio time available recently and took the opportunity to capture the alpha version of Citrix XenClient as you’ve never seen it…in HD. We thought it fitting given our ongoing dedication to HDX technology in both the Citrix XenClient and Citrix XenDesktop platforms.

Before we get to the videos, let me take just a few moments to review some basics about Citrix XenClient.

XenClient is a bare-metal local desktop virtualization platform based on the same technology that goes into Citrix XenServer including the open-source Xen hypervisor. Translation – XenClient allows you to run multiple virtual desktops locally on the same device, in complete isolation with kickass performance and graphics. Much of the credit for the performance can be given to the hardware-assisted virtualization in the Xen hypervisor combined with the work that Intel has done to give you the same great performance and user experience on your virtual desktops as you would expect on a physical laptop (or desktop).

Watch the XenClient Overview(1 minute)

There are many benefits to bare-metal desktop virtualization. One of the more obvious benefits is performance. We could go into all the ways a type-1 harware assisted hypervisor does that, but thought it might be easier to just show it.

Watch Citrix XenClient HDX Performance (2:30 minutes)

Pretty cool huh? Stay tuned for part 2 and part 3 where we will show off the use cases for XenClient as well as its ability to keep your computing environment secure.

Watch all four videos in the XenClient series or visit XenClient Central for more information on XenClient.