Wavemaker integrates with Citrix NetScaler seamlessly for web services.

WaveMaker Visual Ajax Studio is an easy-to-use visual builder that enables the drag & drop assembly of scalable, web-applications using Ajax widgets, web services and databases. WaveMaker Studio will look and feel especially familiar to client/server developers who are used to working with visual tools. Check out the Wavemaker specifications here.

WaveMaker has helped customers reduce development costs by 67% and cut the lines of code written by 98%. Less code makes WaveMaker applications cheaper to maintain and easier to manage. The NetScaler REST API’s are going to be released soon. Today, the API provides web services in the form of Java. We, at Citrixlabs, have recently been using the Java Services and the examples in our API Documentation, with Wavemaker, to built a Proof of Concept.

Wavemaker allows you to build a GUI interface, consume web services through a .wsdl definition, save it to a WAR file, and then run that WAR file against a Tomcat web server. All of this is done using Drag & Drop functionality in the Wavemaker interface. Running a WAR file, allows interaction with the NetScaler for several types of services such as configuring load balancing services, or gathering statistics.

Possible uses

Users can create their own interface/GUI to the NetScaler for configuration and monitoring. Multi-tenancy has come up in discussions, as a way to manage multiple configurations through a single interface, perhaps on several NetScaler VPX devices, either in a XenServer deployment or in the cloud.

Current Proof of Concept

Having said that, using Wavemaker, we were able to successfully …

  • Create a GUI user interface to NetScaler
  • Consume the NSConfig web services from the examples in the NetScaler API Documentation
  • Configure the NetScaler with a new Load Balancing VIP and associated backend servers

If you have a NetScaler, the API’s are already there. Connect to your NetScaler, select downloads, and navigate to XML API.

The best part about Wavemaker is it is Open Source.

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