If you have paid any attention to any articles relating to desktop virtualization, you will quickly see claims like:

I could go on, but you get the point. The major thought is that Windows 7 and desktop virtualization go hand-in-hand, but how do you get there?  You are not only migrating the OS but you are also migrating to a virtualized desktop operating environment.  Is this too much change for an organization?  
NO.  This is the perfect time to make the move.  Think about it this way, we have the opportunity to start with a clean slate.  We can define the new operating system that completely aligns with the organization’s policies.  We can provide an environment that self heals and is optimized each and every time a user connects.  But in order to achieve these benefits, we have to design the environment correctly.  We need to focus on
•    What do we include in our base desktop image?
•    How do we deliver the operating system to our end point (which might be a physical or virtual desktop)?
•    How do we integrate applications into the mix?  
•    What are the recommendations for allowing users to personalize their environment without impacting the business?
•    What are the best practices for providing a great user experience for any user over any connection?
These are some of the topics being presenting in this week’s Microsoft TechNet broadcast focusing on “Accelerating Windows 7 Migration with Citrix and Desktop Virtualization”
The show starts on Thursday, November 12th at 1PM Eastern time and you can register here

Daniel – Lead Architect – Worldwide Consulting Solutions