One of the most common requests from XenServer customers is for a web interface, so that they can manage their VMs from a browser. I’m pleased to say that I’ve found one!

It’s called xvp, and has been developed by Colin Dean at Durham University in the UK. There are four components:

  • xvpweb: A web front end for XenServer, running on Apache/PHP.
  • xvpviewer: A Java applet for accessing XenServer consoles (used by xvpweb, of course).
  • xvp: A server-side proxy for XenServer consoles, so that you can use ordinary VNC clients.
  • xvpdiscover: A tool that queries a XenServer pool, and writes the appropriate configuration files for xvp and xvpweb.

The whole thing is open source (GPL v2). It uses libxenserver, XML-RPC for PHP, and parts of TightVNC.

It’s been in development since May 2009, and is now on version 1.2.4.

Project home page:

xvpweb on Windows

xvpviewer on Mac OS X

xvpviewer on Linux