Since the last months Citrix and Novell worked closely together to provide a solution for customers with Novell eDirectory in place. For the Desktop Delivery Controller and the Virtual Desktop Agents Citrix announced an official support statement which could be found here:

Costumers with a synched Active Directory / eDirectory only have to be aware of their GINA chaining.

For environments where no Active Directory is in place Novell Open Enterprise Server with Domain Service for Windows (DSfW) have to be installed and configured before XenDesktop.
Due the fact, that DSfW only accepts Kerberos and no NTLM calls the XenDesktop Active Directory Wizard should not be used to prepare the OU.

You’ll need to configure the DDC and VDA without using an OU:

I’ve developed a little cool tool to configure both components using a simple GUI.

On the Desktop Delivery Controller:
1.Set Desktop Delivery Controller without AD OU to enabled
2.Press Set DDC Config Button

On the Virtual Desktop Agents (WinXP,Vista, Win7)
1.Enter the FQDN of the DDC(s)
2.Press SET VDA Config Button

For those of you who would like to set the DDC configuration by using ZENworks or Group Policies I’ve added an ADM Template (FarmControllers.adm) into the Novell Integration Tool folder.

Download: Novell Integration Tool

Note: This tool is not supported by Citrix Support and if you have any issues try to configure the VDA manually using regedit or leave me a blog comment.