The last few months we have seen lots of communication around the XenApp 5 FP2 and XenDesktop 4 product releases. Looking into the components released with XenApp 5 FP2 you may (or may not ) have noticed a new Secure Gateway hotfix – 3.1.2.

Secure Gateway 3.1.2 hotfix is available from MyCitrix or via the Citrix Knowledge Center article CTX122212.

So what’s fixed in this release?

1. Under certain circumstances, the Citrix XTE Service does not properly disconnect a Terminal Services session. Specifically, the issue occurs when the network connection between the XTE Service and the client is interrupted and servers stop sending ICA KeepAlives to check the network connection status.

2. The Citrix XTE Service can exit unexpectedly at random, disconnecting all users.

3. After upgrading to Version 3.1.1. of the Secure Gateway, the Secure Gateway process can consume extensive memory, eventually using up all available memory.

In addition, all fixes from the previous 3.1.1 hotfix are included.

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