We have just published a new white paper detailing the integration of Citrix XenApp 5 and Oracle Database 11g with Real Application Clusters (RAC) as it relates to the XenApp Independent Management Architecture (IMA) Data Store. The XenApp IMA Data Store is the central database of Farm-wide XenApp configuration data, enabling centralized management of multiple Application Delivery Controllers as a single entity. The Oracle Database 11g RAC can provide not only the database services for a XenApp farm, but additional scalability and availability capabilities, ensuring enterprise class service and uptime for large scale XenApp environments.

The white paper can be found at http://www.citrix.com/site/resources/dynamic/partnerDocs/UsingOracleDB11gRAC_CitrixXenApp5IMA_WP.pdf

Special thanks to Allen Hoke and Sean Stacey at Oracle, and Andy Zhu in XenApp engineering for helping to create this document.