With so many articles flying around about desktop virtualization and VDI, have you ever seen or heard of anyone actually implementing this solution? And even if you have, I bet you, like me, have many questions to ask.

Well, I’ve had the opportunity to sit down with Sandy Kingdon, a Dynamic Desktop architect for CSC. Sandy is working on a large XenDesktop implementation and I was able to speak with her about it. It is an interesting discussion and architecture in that it uses Citrix XenDesktop, VMware ESX and AppSense User Environment Management

  • Current Capacity: 1,000 users
  • End of Year Capacity plan: 10,000 users
  • End of Project Capacity plan: 40,000 users
  • Virtual desktop specifications: Based on customer analysis and experience
  • Antivirus requirements and updates design
  • Application integration with the user desktop images
  • User-installed applications requirements and design
  • End-point device configurations

This discussion was focused on the architecture, design considerations and experiences.  I can imagine as this project continues to grow to their 40,000 user goal we can have additional discussions on lessons learned, tips/tricks, etc. 

If you want to hear more and see what else we have going on around desktop virtualization architectures, I recommend you visit the Ask the Architect site. Also, if you or someone you know who is currently or already completed a desktop virtualization implementation, I’d be eager to hear from you.

Daniel – Lead Architect – Worldwide Consulting Solutions