Time to rethink your desktops

Months of planning, hours/weeks of discussions with customers, listening to the community and years of R&D effort leads to something big – and that right now is XenDesktop 4. Something that unlocks the potential of desktop virtualization that the world has been waiting for. With the new FlexCast delivery and enhanced HDX – now it is easy for anyone to look at desktop virtualization and start building plans to put their traditional desktop computing to rest for ever. Harry lists out why he would consider the change now and Raj talks about how this revolution will play out. Traditional desktop computing has clearly had its day – so long – hope to never see you again!

Looking at the responses within the community and several conversations with customers and partners have me convinced that XenDesktop 4 hits the mark. It offers exactly what customers need to serve different types of users with high def. user experience using one solution.

The only question I get is how do they get to it in the best possible way? What’s the right license path to take? Every time I hear this question I think that the most important part of the job is done – getting the right product built for the customers that serves their needs and helps them solve their problems!

Three ways to get to XenDesktop 4

Now – let me walk through some scenarios that you may be faced with – it will help you decide how to pick the right path towards the bright future of desktop virtualization in your organization.

Scenario #1 – Not a Citrix customer today, but evaluating XenDesktop for virtual desktops

This is the most straight forward one. If you are considering desktop virtualization, XenDesktop 4 makes it simple. With FlexCast delivery – you have any type of virtual desktop solution you need, all with HDX user experience. You use it with Hyper-V, XenServer, ESX or vSphere – we will leave it up to you – I am sure you will pick the one that is most cost effective to you! Case closed!

Scenario #2 – Existing XenDesktop 2/3 customers, looking to XenDesktop 4

All XenDesktop customers get entitlements to XenDesktop 4 for no additional charge, as long as you are current on your soft assurance (which you likely will be because we offer 1 full year of SA with the product purchase). Most of you are already using the product based on 1:1 concurrency since virtual desktop means getting a license per user in most cases – Brian summarizes this quite well. So, this means more value for all of you at no additional cost. For example, if you are using XenDesktop 2 or 3 Advanced Edition – you get free entitlement to XenDesktop 4 Enterprise. All of the FlexCast delivery and full power of on-demand apps by XenApp at no additional charge. Wham! Similarly, Platinum Edition customers get the full capabilities of XenApp Platinum as part of XenDesktop 4 Platinum. In few cases I understand that there may be a concurrency delta from 1:1; adding new user based licenses of XenDesktop 4 with all additional capabilities as you expand to a larger number of users can be quite easy to justify with the new pricing and value of XenDesktop 4. Finally, if you are in an industry that has high concurrency ratios – stay tuned – we are working on offering you the right options to address your requirements.

Scenario #3 – All existing XenApp customers

Existing XenApp customers have three options now:

Interested in expanding to desktop virtualization now or in the near future for your XenApp users?

If you are interested in desktop virtualization, you should take advantage of the new Trade-up to XenDesktop 4 Program. This program is unbelievable value for anyone considering desktop virtualization. Here is how it works – you can trade-up all your XenApp licenses that you own for up to 2x the number of XenDesktop 4 licenses. Here is how you calculate savings. This might be enough for you to get your desktop virtualization going. You don’t even have to start implementing virtual desktops day 1 – adopt it when you are ready and leverage the power of app virtualization as you get all the capabilities of XenApp with XenDesktop. Don’t miss the opportunity – this program is only valid for a limited time.

Interested in XenDesktop 4 for new users that do not use XenApp today?

As part of the Trade-up program that I described, we also offer the flexibility to trade-up selective XenApp licenses and convert them to XenDesktop licenses. This program gives you the ability to use any XenApp licenses that you have own but do not use on a regular basis to deliver apps to your users. In fact, they may not even be current on Software Assurance. This program gives you the ability to leverage your existing investmet with Citrix – both license costs as well as your skill-sets and adopt XenDesktop 4 with lower risk and cost. Again, I encourage you to look at the Trade-up calculator.

Not interested in desktop virtualization?

If you are using XenApp to deliver apps with high concurrency requiements, keep using XenApp the way you are. Citrix is committed on XenApp product roadmap and support. We recently delivered powerful new capabilities in XenApp 5 Feature Pack 2. And, you will continue to see similar innovations in XenApp going forward.

Bottom line

This value with XenDesktop 4 is hard to beat, and time is now to look at desktop virtualization as you adopt your plans for windows 7 migration.

For all XenApp customers, look at the Trade-up program. If it doesn’t work for you, no worries – XenApp is still the #1 strategic product with the biggest R&D and you will continue to see some solid product roadmap and support from Citrix.

For XenDesktop customers, most of you will have a solid upgrade with more value at no additional cost. I encourage you to look at the licensing differences as you go through the upgrade to XenDesktop 4.

For new customers, the choice is now easy. If you were thinking of how you can get one solution to serve all your users overtime. The solution is now here – Citrix XenDesktop 4

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