Through recent searching I have come to realize that this blog post is being referenced by VMware forum posts as a solution to get Merchandising Server running on ESX.  Please, allow me to emphasize that the process in this article never worked for ESX, nor was it ever intended to.

If you would like to get Merchandising Server running on ESX (VMware) then please download the VMware specific appliance:

(this requires a MyCitrix login)

I have recently been requested to remove this article. 

During its 6 month life I hope that it has helped some of you solve a technical problem and better serve your users (the number of views of this particular article has been exciting).
This stood as a good exercise in interoperability between hypervisor platforms and how OVF in itself is simply a baby step towards moving a workload from one hypervisor to another.

OVF itself is simply a standard way of documenting a virtual system, that can in turn be translated by other vendors to their specific platform – but it does not make that virtual machine interoperable to the receiving platform.  Today this involves extra steps (and acrobatics in some cases) to repair an operating system so that it will boot and run on the receiving platform (assuming that it was not built on that platform).

In the end, I hope we have all grown in our understanding if what it takes to make a workload ‘portable.’