Announcing a brand new offering courtesy of Citrix Technical Readiness in conjunction with Citrix Education. Its a brand new method for self-service training that we call a Learning Lab Series. Learning Lab topics are focused on hot new Citrix features. A Learning Lab provides you 3 basic deliverables:

  1. A brief CitrixTV recording to get you familiar with a concept or feature
  2. A hands-on lab document with detailed steps on how to configure the feature
  3. Access to a hands-on lab environment to execute the steps in the lab document

That’s right…you have a chance to get hands-on experience for FREE! What could be better than that!

In this first release, we have posted Learning Labs for the following topics to

The hands-on lab access is only available to Citrix Partners but the CitrixTV recordings are posted for everyone to view. See the latest recordings on the following topics:

We look forward to your comments, so let us know what you think.