Take a look at this screenshot of Windows 7 running on my Touch Pro 2.

This isn’t Windows Mobile 7 and I must confess that Windows 7 is not running natively on the phone.  I’m connecting via the new Citrix Receiver Client for Windows Mobile directly to a Windows 7 virtual desktop.  Installation was pretty easy as I just downloaded the Citrix Receiver for the ARM processor to my laptop.  I copied the cab file onto my MicroSD card, put the card in my phone and then installed it.

Configuration was straightforward as I selected full screen mode then entered the URL into my Opera web browser.  Here is screenshot of my login page.  Note that I am connecting securely through Citrix Access Gateway.

With the stylus the virtual desktop connection was usable and pretty responsive.  I did have issues with characters not being recognized, but my arrow keys were working.  I’m not sure if this is an issue with my phone or with the Citrix Receiver.  This next screenshot shows that this full screen connection is indeed running Windows 7 at 800 X 480. 

Finally, here is screenshot of me at the old Texas Stadium at a CSC conference. 

This is my way saying I work for CSC and I’m guest blogger on the Citrix community blog.  My primary role is architecting and implementing several thousand seat desktop virtualization environments as part of CSC Dynamic Desktop of which Citrix XenDesktop is a core component.   Stay tuned as I will be writing blogs on this topic in the near future.