Sometimes I wonder if people really connect the fact that Citrix Systems and Citrix Online are the same company.  I also wonder if people understand that the same company that completely dominates the hosted application and desktop market also is the dominant player in online collaborative services.  In fact Citrix Online products rank top 4 in the world among Software as a Service (SaaS) vendors.  Next time you see a GoToMeeting advertisement on Fox News, Discovery or whatever your favorite TV channel is… take a good look.  You’ll notice at the end of each commercial a tie-in to Citrix.

Maybe one of the reasons that this connection is not readily understood is the market dynamic.  Could it be organizations using GoToMeeting or GoToMyPC may not be using XenApp or XenDesktop?  In fact the Online products are so easy to use, IT is rarely involved.  You merely sign up for the service and start to use the meetings, webinars, and other collaborative tools. 

So while I’m musing I also wondered how many service providers (or hosting companies) out there understand the value they would bring to one of their customers if they could bundle a collaboration service with other application/desktop hosting solutions.  Did you know that according to many analysts collaboration is the #2 revenue generator in an $8+ Billion Market?  It’s just behind business grade email in terms of demand. 

The service from Citrix Online is so easy that I used it the other day to give a presentation to a customer in China.  That’s right… I used my Internet connection from home (East Coast time was 10:00 P.M. – too late to be in the office) to do the presentation.  But what was really cool was pulling my PowerPoint up using XenApp, making changes securely over the Internet 5 minutes before the meeting and then firing up GoToMeeting in four different locations on three different continents.  What a business case in this new economy…Just think of all the applications your customers (SMB) have while they continue to grapple with shrinking travel budgets.

If you’re in the hosting business and want to enhance your ability to service your customer, why aren’t you in the Citrix Online Affiliate Program?  All you have to do is sign up, plaster one of the best brands in the world on your web site and begin to collect revenues for it.  Not quite ready to take the full steps to being an Affiliate but still want to make some cash?  Citrix Online also pays for referrals.  Sounds easy enough, doesn’t it?  Now you can take your million dollar business and add another couple of hundred thousand to it.  Why would you not do this?  I dunno?

Seems like a pretty good idea to me.