Network World created quite a buzz last week with an article about a “major desktop virtualization push” being rolled out by Citrix. The story, which was picked up by sister publications like Computerworld and CIO Magazine, talked about the growing momentum behind our Citrix XenDesktop™ product line and its HDX™ technology, which promises an unparalleled high-definition experience for users while dramatically simplifying life for IT pros.

In reality, Citrix has been telling the world for quite a while now that we are playing to win in the desktop space, so I’m not sure how new this “major push” really is.  It’s been mentioned on our earnings calls and has been a significant theme in multiple press releases.  There’s also been growing chatter on blogs and on trade show floors across the industry for weeks.

At the same time, Network World is right about Citrix turning up the volume on our desktop virtualization business. We’ve recently rolled out a major advertising focus on desktop virtualization as part of our new “Simplicity is Power” brand awareness campaign. Our desktop virtualization ads have been in market for about six weeks now, running in publications like BusinessWeek and Harvard Business Review, as well as all the popular IT trade magazines and websites. And if you’ve been to any of the major virtualization sites lately, you’ve probably seen a flurry of Citrix banner ads sharing the results of numerous independent head-to-head comparisons between XenDestop and its VDI competitors. We believe we have a winner on our hands, and we’re excited to tell the world about it.

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