The lab management capabilities in Citrix Essentials for XenServer and Hyper-V make it possible for development and deployment organizations to rapidly spin up and shut down complex development, test and staging virtual machine environments (not to mention demo and training too!) – with easy cloning, network isolation, and lots more to take the brakes off your applications on the road to production. (You can even configure environments for full self-service – taking the need to wait for admin bandwidth out of the developers’ critical path.)

You can learn more about automated lab management in Citrix Essentials here.

Theresa Lanowitz, an analyst with Voke, Inc., reports:

We are in the process of conducting market research around how people use virtual lab management solutions; what they like, what the think the future holds, what type of uses they have identified beyond the traditional QA team, etc. We have interviewed a variety of people in 1:1 phone interviews and are now in the phase where we would like on-line survey participation. The research is market specific and is not company / product specific. Our goal is to identify trends in the virtual lab management market.

Take the Voke survey.

This is a fully independent study – Citrix is not funding it or otherwise sponsoring it. Theresa visited us at our recent Analyst Day and asked us to reach out to our users and readers to help gather information about the market. (Though if you’re a user of our lab management capabilities – please say so!)