Alessandro over at commented that we need to do a better job communicating the value and capabilities of Workflow Studio:

I have to admit, I have been focused on talking about the new version and features (I’m excited about them.) There are lots of places though where we do talk about the capabilities that Workflow Studio enables for our customers:

On the main product page for Workflow Studio we cover the 5 use cases that customers typically use Workflow Studio for:

  1. Power management – Reduce power consumption in the datacenter.
  2. User provisioning – Automate the process of provisioning users.
  3. Dynamic resource allocation – Detect changes in user traffic patterns and automatically re-configure server resources for on-demand access.
  4. Disaster recovery – Automate failover and recovery procedures.
  5. Product automation – Automate repetitive tasks and ensure best practices are followed.

I am also taking each of the bullets from the original post announcing the availability of Workflow Studio 2.0 and going into more detail. I just posted Automate XenApp with Workflow Studio where I talk about some of the use cases that we based the new XenApp libraries on. I will have some sample workflows posted with video tutorials as well.

I wrote The Three Audiences of Workflow Studio back in February, but it is still just as relevant with the current version of Workflow Studio. ‘Scripting guys’ and developers will find a lot to like in Workflow Studio, but you don’t need to be one to benefit from Workflow Studio. The drag-and-drop interface and standard way of accessing all the Citrix product APIs (as well as PowerShell, Windows, WMI, etc.) opens up access to a much broader range of people.

The Workflow Studio 2.0 Video Tutorial Series provides an introduction, an architectural overview, and an installation/configuration guide for getting started and should help save you time as you consider how to deploy Workflow Studio.

Also, I want to clarify the availability of Workflow Studio as an anonymous comment left there indicates there may be some confusion. Workflow Studio is included as part of ALL editions of the Citrix Delivery Center products – not just Platinum. Workflow Studio comes with all of the below:

  • XenApp Advanced, Enterprise, or Platinum edition
  • XenDesktop Standard, Advanced, Enterprise, or Platinum edition
  • NetScaler Standard, Enterprise, or Platinum edition
  • Essentials for XenServer Enterprise and Platinum editions
  • Essentials for Hyper-V Enterprise and Platinum editions

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