I read this interesting report a few weeks ago regarding Virgina States Telework Day and lessons learned.

I’ve visited a number of customers since reading this report and it struck me how Telecommuting is so often overlooked or understated as a huge benefit of Desktop Virtualization and Application Virtualization. When I think about the majority of our customer base, who use XenApp. XenApp is often used as a point solution internally, or a remote access solution with our SSL products with access to a subset of applications. Many customers have used our technology as a disaster recovery option also. However when I ask are all your applications available to you? The majority of customers say no for a myriad of reasons some valid some not.

This get’s me very excited about Desktop Virtualization. Since for most people that is the user interface you interact with to get to all of your applications, even if it’s just access to web apps. Telecommuting all of a sudden becomes much more powerful. Whether you use XenApp or standard enterprise software distribution tools you get to those via your Desktop.

When this light bulb goes off in a customers head an ah-ha moment occurs and a far more interesting dialogue beings. We talk about how to increase work life balance, how to enable a qualified women’s workforce who are juggling parental responsibilities and how to access talent wherever they may be. All of a sudden we are talking about what’s stopping us getting there. When I look at the study data, it’s interesting to note that 78% of people encountered no difficulties. Even more insightful is that 91% of participants say that they are more likely to telework in the future. Such is the power of flexible work lives.

When I was working in New York my commute was almost 4 hours a day. I hated it, it was draining. On the extreme end I know, but long commutes are common in New York. Now that I work remotely the majority of the time, it’s great to have the hours back to myself. I get to choose to use these reclaimed hours for greater productivity or spend time with family and friends. It’s also really cool to collaborate with colleagues all over the world not in our hub offices. We can be anywhere and simply fire up GoToMeeting sessions share ideas, have access to our data securely from our data centers with Desktop and Application virtualization. Sure there is no substitute for face time, but that’s just not possible with such a diverse workforce. This flexibility makes connections to a global set of colleagues possible, and simplifies my life. I really am living our vision to work and play from anywhere. Now can I translate that to a raise as the report found? They say the money you keep is what counts. I know my gas prices are lower, car mileage is lower and expensive New York tolls and parking are gone. I’m also greener I guess and even save on dry cleaning How about you?