If you haven’t noticed, XenApp 5 Feature Pack 2 has been announced and with it comes the new Power and Capacity Management feature. By now I hope you downloaded the Tech Preview release or at least had a chance to watch these videos which explain the feature in detail (How it works, Tech Talk recording, my interview on it, our architect Juliano’s interview on it).

The following are the enhancements we made to Power and Capacity Management since we released the Tech Preview version.

  • High availability for concentrator
  • We now support both physical and virtual servers in the same workload group
  • In determining the maximum session capacity of a server, the system now takes the lowest of what the administrator has set or what the load evaluator computes based on the current load
  • In addition to SQL Server 2005, we now “officially” support SQL Server 2008
  • Minor visual enhancements

Juliano and I will be blogging further on these to clarify what these enhancements are and to offer up other deployment considerations. Stay tuned to the XenApp 5 Feature Pack 2 blog roll for more information beginning next week Monday.

And thanks to all of those who participated in the technology preview and provided feedback. We can’t tell you how critical it is to us. Speaking of which, we invite you to pre-register for the Windows Server 2008 R2 Technology Preview coming sometime next quarter

Learn more about Citrix XenApp 5 Feature Pack 2

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