Actually, 201,745 to be exact. That’s the number of downloads we’ve had for the Citrix Receiver for iPhone since we launched on March 30th. That’s the day Citrix started down the path of re-defining Mobility not as a singular device but as a strategy. I’m so excited to be at the center of it all. Around here, most folks call me Pete so please don’t hold back. I’m the Product Manager for Mobility… one of a handful of folks here at Citrix that is driving our mobile strategy.

I remember back to late December in 2008 when my Director reached out to me and asked if I would take the lead on the Citrix Receiver for the iPhone. Like many of you my first response was “… why would someone run a session on a screen that’s 320×480?” I accepted for the sake of the challenge and intrigue. Then I bought myself an iPhone. The light bulbs went off immediately and I saw the possibilities unfold before me. Then Blackberry Storm and Google Android devices started gaining headway and I was hooked. The development from the Engineers at Citrix Labs enabled me to see this was much bigger than the iPhone and “an app for that…”. We needed a strategy and the technology that could let customers use these powerful devices to access virtual applications and virtual desktops. With the right software and peripherals, these “tech toys” could be more powerful than a full-featured PC when accessing applications and desktops hosted on ample servers in the data center.

Since then, we’ve adopted a fast prototyping and engineering model that utilizes short and multiple iterations. This allowed us to speed up delivery of Receiver for iPhone. Now, over 200,000 downloads later, we begin to see the fruit of our labor. Using this same successful model established just over a year ago we are realizing the benefits again with the Receiver for Windows Mobile devices which will be released this week. The end goal is to release Receivers for mobile devices that exhibit much of the same usability features and functionality as the Receiver for iPhone. In the coming months I look forward towards introducing new Citrix Receiver platforms. Stay tuned to my blog and that of Vinny Sosa for more information as the strategy unfolds. Here’s to 200,000 and beyond!

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