The Citrix Web Services team has been hard at work updating Citrix TV to incorporate some great new features and functionality. The latest version of Citrix TV was released last night and I think you will be very pleased with this update. 

The first thing you will notice is the new Home page. This page highlights featured videos along with the latest and most watched videos. At the top of the page is the option to browse by channel, video series or tags. Within each of those areas you can change the sort order of the display or search within that group of videos.

There are some new options for viewing a video series. From the Home page you can see the most watched series and the Browse by Series page displays all to the series within Citrix TV. Clicking on a series title takes you to a page where you see all of the videos in that series and there is the option to “Watch All” of the videos in the series without clicking on each video. You can subscribe to a series RSS feed and you can share a series on other sites.

Be sure to check out the updated site to see all of the changes. We are very interested to get your feedback so please let us know what you think.