You may have seen our announcement today on XenApp 5 Feature Pack 2 and Vinny Sosa’s blog post. One of the things that Vinny mentioned is that we have opened up pre-registration for the tech preview of XenApp on Windows Server 2008 R2. You should definitely check it out and provide us feedback. I am the Product Manager for this release and I wanted to reach out to you, the members of our community and invite you to give me your feedback directly. After you sign-up you will receive confirmation of your registration and when the release is available we will notify you via e-mail to let you know where to get it, how to report issues and how to provide input to the team directly. I look forward to hearing from you all.

Also, check out Orestes’s post and let us know your Windows Server 2008 R2 adoption plans.

Learn more about Citrix XenApp 5 Feature Pack 2

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